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Friday, 13 April 2012

How to make a virtual Drive in System

 Hi friends..
how are you?
i am again with a new trick to make a virtual drive on your hard disk to make your friend fool
so you can also say that it is a process of mount any folder as a drive


so for it just select a folder which you want to use as a virtual hardisk
i selected a folder with name mahi in my c: drive

i selected a folder which is in c drive and with name mahi
now go to command prompt and write these command
 subst M: C:/mahi
(M: is the drive letter which you want to use )
(C:/mahi is the path of folder which i want to use as a drive)
now press enter and now when you will open your my computer
you will get a new drive with name M:

and when you will open it you will get data of mahi folder

but there is a problem when you will restart it the new virtual drive will be disappeard
so for solving this problem open notepad and write this command in notepad

subst M: C:/mahi
and save it on desktop with name script.bat
now click on start button and all program than startup and open it and copy the script.bat file here and now
the drive will automatically be created when ever you start your pc .
so you have done...


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